Finance Details

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Lender NameBankwest
Loan nameBankwest Equaliser Home Loan LVR <80% >$200K (Investment) (Principle &am
Initial %4.95%
Ongoing %4.82%
Max Term Fixed Rate3
Max Term Interest Only5
Interest Type (Initial)Standard Variable
Interest Type (Ongoing)Standard Variable
Repayment FrequencyFortnightly,Monthly,Weekly
Repayment Type (Initial)Principal and Interest
Repayment Type (After Initial)P&I or I/O
Additional Loan Splits Allowed0
FinancialsFull Doc
Non ConformingNo
Product Type: CommercialNo
Product Type: Owner OccupiedNo
Product Type: InvestmentYes
Product Type: EquityNo
Product Type: ConstructionNo
Product Type: Vacant LandNo
Product Type: Line of CreditNo
Product Type: ReverseNo
Product Type: BridgingNo
NotesBankwest will no longer accept applications from non-Bankwest customers for stand-alone refinance for investor purpose lending, please see below deal scenarios that will continue to be assessed: - Any purchase being investment and/or owner occupied purpose lending for new to bank - Any investment refinance for Bankwest customers - Any refinance that includes both investment and owner occupied purpose lending for both new to bank and Bankwest customers. Definition of Bankwest customer: Customer who has existing home loan lending OR has a transaction account open for a minimum of three months with activity on the account over the three months. Bankwest Equaliser Home Loan is a three-year introductory product that offers a fixed discount off the average standard variable rate of three major banks. Available to both owner occupiers and investors for new lending above $200k and <80% LVR with principal & interest repayments only, the Bank Tracker will be a no-frills home loan without complex features such as offset accounts, increases, interest only repayments, construction or lending to non-personal entities. Conditions apply. Principal & Interest Only (Interest Only is not permitted during the intro period) $200k (splits below $200k are not permitted) Offset is NOT permitted during the introductory term but can be linked once the product rolls to the Mortgage Shredder Home Loan Construction purpose is not permitted, customers considering construction may wish to consider another product e.g. CHLP Go to product: Mortgage Shredder Personal name borrowers only (not available to companies or trusts) Customers wishing to increase their Bank Tracker Facility will need to change to a non-intro product or take a split for the increased amount. The split can be a new Bank Tracker product. Existing customers cannot transfer to this product as it is only available for new lending. Transfers from Bank Tracker to another non-intro product are permitted at any time. ($95 HLT fee applicable) The maximum LVR that will be considered for applications for investment lending where the borrower(s) either live overseas, or where a temporary resident / overseas citizen is involved, is 60%.
ERP Notes
BC NotesNo break cost applicable
OF Notes
Other Fee NotesTransfers to another non-intro product incur $95 HLT fee. Effective Friday, 3 February 2017 the application fee of $695 on the Equaliser Home Loan will be waived until further notice.
Max LVR80.00%
Capitalise LMINo
LVR Notes
Genuine SavingsYes
Genuine Savings Notes
Min Loan$200,000.00
Max Loan$99,999,999.00
Min Term3
Max Term30
Est Fee$0.00
App Fee$0.00
Val Fee$0.00
Legal Fee$0.00
S/m Fee$0.00
Upfront Fee$0.00
Ongoing Monthly Fee$0.00
Ongoing Annual Fee$0.00
Exit Fee$0.00
Fixed Fee$0.00
Other Fee$0.00
Internet BankingNo
Credit CardNo
BPay OptionNo
Professional PackNo
Cheque AccountNo
Intro RateYes
Telephone BankingNo
Direct Salary CreditNo
Portability of LoanNo
Redraw AvailableNo
Offset AccountNo
Min Redraw$0.00
Free Transactions per Month0
Loan Redraw Fee$0.00
Lender Category Second Tier Bank