Finance Details

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Lender NamePepper
Loan namePepper Advantage (LVR >55% up to 65%)
Initial %5.69%
Ongoing %5.69%
Max Term Fixed Rate0
Max Term Interest Only5
Interest Type (Initial)Standard Variable
Interest Type (Ongoing)Standard Variable
Repayment FrequencyFortnightly,Monthly,Weekly
Repayment Type (Initial)P&I or I/O
Repayment Type (After Initial)Principal and Interest
Additional Loan Splits Allowed3
FinancialsFull Doc
Non ConformingYes
Product Type: CommercialNo
Product Type: Owner OccupiedYes
Product Type: InvestmentYes
Product Type: EquityYes
Product Type: ConstructionNo
Product Type: Vacant LandNo
Product Type: Line of CreditNo
Product Type: ReverseNo
Product Type: BridgingNo
NotesPepper Easy is a near prime loan designed for a broad range of applicants that have 24 months clean credit history, and a proven track record of responsibly managing their debts. This product is also available as an alt doc Loan for self-employed borrowers or small business owners who have been in business for a minimum of 2 years. The Pepper Easy home loan is ideal for customers looking to buy or refinance their home or investment property and obtain cash out at the same time for renovations, business use or payout of ATO debt. Key Benefits: - No LMI required. - Unlimited number of defaults, judgements or writs registered over 24 months prior to application accepted (paid or unpaid). No limit on the number of debts that can be consolidated. - Available for refinance, including Non-Conforming, Private and Solicitor Loans. - Cash out up to 90% LVR for acceptable purposes including renovations and business use for full doc and 80% alt doc. Credit History: Any number of defaults or judgements registered >24 months prior to application, paid or unpaid. Minor defaults up to $1,000 ignored. Discharged from bankruptcy (1 day accepted) Loan Purpose: Purchase or refinance of owner occupied and investment properties. Finance also available for a variety of purposes, including payment of ATO debts and purchase of business equipment Income Documentation (Full Doc): PAYG: Last 2 pay slips plus either a letter of employment, latest group certificate, notice of assessment or 3 months bank statements Self-Employed: Last 2 years tax returns plus last 2 years tax assessment notices. Acceptable Securities: Vacant Residential Land only in categories 1 and 2 with a maximum size of 2.5 acres (max 85% LVR and max loan size of $650,000). Vacant land: on Pepper Essential and Pepper Easy only for residential properties in categories 1 and 2 to a maximum land size of 2.5 acres. The Pepper Essential Plus product is a basic no frills home loan with a low variable interest rate. It is suitable for borrowers who want the flexibility to make extra repayments whenever they want, and then redraw those available funds using internet or phone banking. Purchase or refinance of owner occupied or investment properties; also includes: - Debt consolidation (max of 4 debts) - Cash out up to 90% LVR (not available for business use). Credit History: Non-financial paid defaults up to $500 considered (e.g. Telco). Income Documentation (PAYG): - Last 2 pay slips (plus one of the following): Letter of employment, tax assessment notice, latest group certificate or 3 months bank statements. Income Documentation - Last 2 years tax returns - Last 2 years tax assessment notices Acceptable Securities: - Residential securities in categories 1 - 4 with a maximum land size of 25 acres (10 hectares). Refer to Pepper?s Postcode Search for category lending limits. - Vacant land up to 2.5 acres (residential only in categories 1 & 2) Repayment Options: - Interest Only (maximum 5 years) - Principal an
ERP Notes
BC Notes
OF Notes$15 per month per account (split) Title Protection Fee of $400 is applicable
Other Fee NotesThe following fees are applicable: Establishment $955 (inc 1 std valuation); Title Protection $400; Legal fees $440. Mortgage Risk Fee: 0.50% MRF loading will apply for loan amounts >
Max LVR65.00%
Capitalise LMINo
LVR NotesCash Out Policy: 0-90% LVR ? NO LIMITS
Genuine SavingsNo
Genuine Savings Notes
Min Loan$50,000.00
Max Loan$2,500,000.00
Min Term10
Max Term40
Est Fee$995.00
App Fee$0.00
Val Fee$0.00
Legal Fee$440.00
S/m Fee$0.00
Upfront Fee$1,435.00
Ongoing Monthly Fee$15.00
Ongoing Annual Fee$0.00
Exit Fee$250.00
Fixed Fee$0.00
Other Fee$0.00
Internet BankingYes
Credit CardNo
BPay OptionYes
Professional PackNo
Cheque AccountNo
Intro RateNo
Telephone BankingYes
Direct Salary CreditNo
Portability of LoanYes
Redraw AvailableYes
Offset Account100%
Min Redraw$1,000.00
Free Transactions per Month0
Loan Redraw Fee$0.00
Lender Category Non Bank