Finance Details

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Lender NameVictorian Mortgage Group
Loan nameFive Star - Assist (Investment)
Initial %6.67%
Ongoing %6.67%
Max Term Fixed Rate0
Max Term Interest Only0
Interest Type (Initial)Standard Variable
Interest Type (Ongoing)Standard Variable
Repayment FrequencyFortnightly,Monthly,Weekly
Repayment Type (Initial)P&I or I/O
Repayment Type (After Initial)Principal and Interest
Additional Loan Splits Allowed0
FinancialsFull Doc
Non ConformingYes
Product Type: CommercialNo
Product Type: Owner OccupiedNo
Product Type: InvestmentYes
Product Type: EquityYes
Product Type: ConstructionYes
Product Type: Vacant LandYes
Product Type: Line of CreditNo
Product Type: ReverseNo
Product Type: BridgingNo
Notes** ESTABLISHMENT FEE 1.30% of loan amount. Stated Establishment fee is based on the maximum loan amount of $2M ** Five Star Assist is a flexible loan product that allows you to restructure your debt position and work towards building a brighter financial future. It can be used for a wide range of purposes depending on your needs. Who would it benefit? This product is appropriate for borrowers who face roadblocks when trying to obtain finance through major lenders. We understand that you may have been through some particularly trying circumstances and we can help you get back on track and in control of your finances. Purpose: Purchase, Refinance, Consolidation, Personal or Investment. Serviceability: - Flexible assessment beyond traditional limitations - all forms of reasonable income taken into consideration. - Net disposable income at 1.10 times or greater - Benchmark - 2% above effective interest rate. Securities: Multiple securities allowed Credit History: - Varied will be considered - No definied limit Additional Repayments: Yes - no charge. Construction, Vacant Land and Progress payment allowed case by case.
ERP Notes
BC Notes
OF Notes
Other Fee NotesEstablishment fee 0.95% of loan amount. Progress payments fee $100 Solicitors fee from $693 (TBA outside VIC)
Max LVR80.00%
Capitalise LMINo
LVR NotesNo LMI required
Genuine SavingsNo
Genuine Savings Notes
Min Loan$30,000.00
Max Loan$2,000,000.00
Min Term1
Max Term30
Est Fee$26,000
App Fee$0.00
Val Fee$0.00
Legal Fee$693.00
S/m Fee$0.00
Upfront Fee$26,693.00
Ongoing Monthly Fee$0.00
Ongoing Annual Fee$0.00
Exit Fee$0.00
Fixed Fee$0.00
Other Fee$0.00
Internet BankingNo
Credit CardNo
BPay OptionNo
Professional PackNo
Cheque AccountNo
Intro RateNo
Telephone BankingNo
Direct Salary CreditNo
Portability of LoanYes
Redraw AvailableYes
Offset AccountNo
Min Redraw$0.00
Free Transactions per Month0
Loan Redraw Fee$0.00
Lender Category Non Bank