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We estimate you can borrow up to $659,522

Monthly Repayments $3954.17

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To compare home loans across different lenders in Australia use our home loan calculator or product comparison tool. To calculate your borrowing power and repayments use our home loan calculators. Our calculator helps you determine the costs associated with the type of loan you are looking for. Here is a snapshot of the different types of home loan calculators available to you:

How much will it cost – This home loan calculator allows you calculate the cost of borrowing money and repayments. It shows you’re the weekly. Fortnightly and monthly repayments based on wither principal and interest payments or Interest only repayments.

How much can I borrow – based on your salary and financial commitments, our borrowing calculator is able to estimate the amount you can borrow. It is just an indication but will help you to budget

The Finance Site helps customers to find out the latest home loan interest rates by using their product tool. For more information visit – home loan interest rates Australia.